Posted by: timscooking | January 22, 2010

Pizza with Mushrooms and Four Cheeses

Thursday night is traditionally pizza night at our house, sometimes carry in but most times lately (since I am home) it is homemade. I try to vary the toppings and come up with something other than pepperoni and cheese.

 Last night I made a white (no tomato sauce ) pizza with four cheeses and Portobello mushrooms. I preheated the oven to 500 degrees and began by making some garlic oil. I added 2 cloves of peeled and crushed garlic to a small sauce pan along with a half cup of extra virgin oil and a sprig of fresh thyme. This I warmed over low heat while I prepared the other toppings.

The cheeses consisted of  one cup each of shredded mozzarella and fontina, about four ounces of goat cheese and a half cup of grated parmesan. I cut half a green pepper into thin (Julienne) strips and half of a small yellow onion into thin slices. I had a large Portobello mushroom which I cut in half and thinly sliced which gave me about two cups. I also had some fresh pizza dough which I had purchased (still haven’t attempted making my own) which I worked into a half sheet pan.

Once the garlic oil was warm and just beginning to bubble around the edges, I brushed the entire crust with some oil, spread the mozzarella and fontina over, arranged the green pepper strips on top, separated and spread the onion slices over that, topped with the mushroom slices, dolloped the goat cheese evenly over the entire pizza and sprinkled the parmesan cheese over that. I then drizzled the remaining garlic oil over the pizza and put the pizza in the oven for ten minutes.

The crust was slightly chewy, the toppings were lightly browned and the garlic oil gave it the taste of a $20 pizza in half the time and for a fraction of the cost.



  1. Looking good! I would have to find another topping for my husband other than mushrooms but I am sure some of those roasted tomatos you talked about would be awesome as well! Or maybe some peppers?

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