Posted by: timscooking | March 15, 2010

Where I Get My Inspiration

For those of you that have been faithfully reading this blog over the past few months, I thought it would be good to share with you some of the folks I’ve gotten my inspiration from so that you can set out on your own food journey.

I would have to say that the personalities on the Food Network really got me started. My copies of Emeril Lagasse’s “Louisiana Real & Rustic” and “New New Orleans Cooking” are well-worn and dog-eared. Mario Batali’s entertaining and informative show, Molto Mario, was on my daily “must-see” list of shows. In addition, I like Ina Garten and her simple, yet delicious, take on American classics and European inspired dishes. Alton Brown satisfies the science geek in me.

New York Times columnist, Mark Bittman and his grassroots movement Lessmeatarianism has really got me thinking more about how to make my recipes more healthy, using meat only two to three times a week. Mark also has a very simple take on most recipes, using eight ingredients or less and less is best I always say. His own blog, Bitten, has been the primary inspiration for my starting House Husband’s Guide to Everyday Cooking.

I hope you have your own cooking inspirations. I’d like to hear from you as to who has inspired you to get into the kitchen and to start controlling what you are eating.


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