Posted by: timscooking | June 15, 2010

It’s Farmers’ Market Time!

The past week was pretty busy, starting a week ago with a weekend trip to Detroit’s farmers’ market and ending this past weekend with a quick trip to Atlanta to attend our niece’s graduation ceremonies from Le Cordon Bleu in Atlanta where she received a diploma in patisserie and baking. In between, I tried to come up with as many recipes as possible to use all of the fresh vegetables we found at the market.

Started out early and travelled to Detroit’s own Eastern Market  a week ago Saturday. Eastern Market is the only farmers’ market in southeast Michigan that runs year round and has done so since 1891. Farmers from local community gardens in Detroit and from farms located throughout Michigan, Ohio and Ontario, Canada set up each Saturday in anticipation of the approximately 40,000 shoppers who visit the six blocks that make up the market.

The first decision of the day was where to have breakfast. There are a number of restaurants in the area, most of which were opened to accommodate the workers in the wholesale warehouses and the meatpacking plants in the area. Check your healthy diet at the door at most of these. Servings are large and pork and beef are a prominent part of the menu.

After breakfast, we set out to do some serious shopping. Got some baby eggplants, sweet peppers and tomatoes from some Ontario farmers, asparagus, romaine and dill from the city community gardens tended by Detroit school students, some smooth and creamy Asiago Bleu cheese from the Midtown Dairy here in Detroit and a loaf of just baked rosemary olive oil bread from a group that donates all proceeds to Gleaners Food Bank to help feed the hungry. Total of all our purchases – $20. Half being the cheese and bread.

When we got home, I cleaned and prepped the day’s purchases. Since we were still feeling the effects of the huge breakfast, we opted for a simple dinner of warm rosemary-olive oil bread, the Asiago Bleu cheese and sliced summer sausage.

The rest of the week went like this:

Sunday – Eggplant Parmigiano

Monday – Panzanella

Tuesday – Pasta with Asparagus and Peppers

Wednesday – Bread Soup

Thursday – Pizza with Ham and Asparagus

Friday & Saturday – Atlanta

Sunday – Fried Corn Relish and Smoked Kielbasa

All of our vegetables and other purchases were used. The rest of the ingredients came from the pantry. I’ll start with the recipes tomorrow.


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