Tim has had a varied career ranging from teacher to his most recent position marketing hospice services for a major metropolitan health system. In March of 2009 he became one of the thousands “downsized” due to the continued slow economic recovery. Since then, he has moved into his current position as domestic engineer, chief cook and bottle washer.

Since his forced “retirement” in March 2009, many of his friends and family  encouraged him to start blogging about his cooking experiences.

Like many guys, Tim began with simple grilling recipes and has built that into a constantly expanding collection of dishes from simple breakfast foods to five course dinners for the above mentioned friends and family. He’s just someone who likes great food that’s not too complicated and can be made with readily available ingredients from the local green grocer, butcher or megamart.

In the future, He hopes to share his experiences with all of the folks out there that may want to cook but have always thought it to be something too complicated or too time consuming.



  1. Keep it up! 😉

  2. nice job tim…..keep it up….put the chili up…it is great…..

  3. Great to hear from you Tim. I really like it!!! Love the title, and love your mission to inspire and motivate others to get back into the kitchen and see how much enjoyment and satisfaction can come from preparing a “simple” home cooked dish or two. I will stay tuned and hope maybe someday you will bring some of your friends and followers to Italy on one of my “culinary adventures” for a little more gastronomic inspiration. Ciao for now and Buon Appetito!

  4. Found you. Jim from the boat races.

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